See Ya, 2020

Hey all,

Popping in for a quick sec to wish you a Happy Holiday Season! Hope you are enjoying some much needed time off.

I’ll keep it light today, but wanted to include some of the best content I’ve been catching up on over break.


The Trouble with Optionality - Harvard Professor Mihir A. Desai discusses why optimizing for optionality does more bad than good.

Solitude and Leadership - A lecture delivered to the 2009 plebe class of the United States Military Academy at West Point by essayist William Deresiewicz about the misconception of the modern day “leader.”

Observer Effect: Tobi Lutke - How Shopify founder Tobi Lutke makes decisions, manages his time, and follows his quest of learning.


Creator Economics - A podcast hosted by Blake Robbins and Reed Duscher breaking down the business behind content creation.

How to Build Your Own Smart Mirror - For anyone looking for a unique and challenging stay-at-home project.


Trapital - Deep dives into the business of hip-hop.

RFS 100 - Every Friday, you'll get 5 new startup ideas from great investors, entrepreneurs, and operators.

Huddle Up - A daily newsletter discussing the business and money behind sports.


  1. Mental models, life principles, financial literacy and more…

  1. Important basics and benefits of real estate investing, specifically in self storage units.

  1. Bootstrapping lessons from the co-founder and COO of Morning Brew.

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As always, I love hearing your feedback and am constantly working to make this the best it could be. I can’t wait to continue to build this out in 2021.

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