Friday Fuel - December 18th, 2020

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Quick Note: I’ll be taking the next week off for the holidays and will return with one final edition on the 28th to close out the year.

But for now, here’s your weekly serving of Friday Fuel, a collection of things that I’ve been learning from or enjoying recently.

📕What I’ve Been Reading: I’ll admit it…I’m an Oreo addict.

Have I put down a full box in a day? Yes.

Am I proud of it? Also yes.

Since 2012, Oreo has released over 65 collaborations and speciality flavors across the globe including Wasabi, Hot Chicken Wing, and Waffle & Syrup. These innovative, sometimes unimaginable flavors are brought to life by a top secret team of Oreo employees and are a key driver to Oreo’s overall revenue…but not in the way you would think.

🎧What I’ve Been Listening To:

Baby Shark is now the most viewed video in YouTube history. The original song itself is pretty damn catchy, this one is even better. Proof that with a little creativity you can capitalize on any trend.

🤯What’s Blown My Mind:

It’s Ryan’s World, we’re just living in it.

Between licensing and his YouTube channel, Ryan Kaji (and his parents) are building an empire. To learn more about his earnings and multiple revenue streams, click into this thread.

🤯What’s Blown My Mind Part Two:

Google Trends confirmed there’s only two things certain in 2020…

Death and Tiktok.

🎤Quote I’ve Enjoyed - “The world is filled with unremarkable people in remarkable positions.”

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